Migos Fans Are Thrilled To See Them Looking ‘Bad And Boujee’ On The Met Gala Red Carpet

Perhaps the Atlanta rap trio Migos isn’t what comes to your mind when you think of a museum’s charity ball, but hey, maybe it should be. I’ve been hard-pressed to find a single man on the carpet who looks as poised and original as these three, and their fans are absolutely thrilled to see them rocking out a black tie event given their often-mentioned roots in the trap, which is, you know, not black tie.

Since these events are so often dominated by rich white people, their fans are enjoying the contrast, but also proud that Migos literally earned their seat at the table here. Their new album Culture already went platinum after just three months, earned the Donald Glover f*cking music co-sign, spawned the No. 1 single “Bad And Boujee,” and more or less catapulted them into the upper echelon of music fame. Hell, even Katy Perry wanted a piece of it.

So while it’s unlikely that Anna Wintour has been arguing with her Vogue staff about whether or not “T-Shirt” is actually the greatest song the Migos have ever made (it is), their position at this prestigious event is not only earned, it’s sort of legendary. What are they wearing? Versace, of course. Check out more fan enthusiasm below.