Migos Are Being Sued For Allegedly Copying ‘Walk It Talk It’ From A 10-Year-Old Rap Song

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TMZ reports that Migos are being sued for allegedly copying the hook of their 2018 hit “Walk It Talk It” from the similarly titled “Walk It Like I Talk It” by rapper M.O.S.

Named in the lawsuit by his government name, Leander C. Pickett, M.O.S. accused the group of wholesale hijacking his song, which he released alongside DJ Folk on the mixtape It’s Like A Movie in 2008. The older track certainly sounds like a relic of the era, with the trilling synth lead and horns that defined the heyday of rappers like Jeezy and the early rise of Rick Ross. The hook in question is certainly… Remarkably similar. Check it out for yourself below.

Of course, the similarities more or less end at the hook itself, as M.O.S.’s track features that signature, measured 2008 flow and that time capsule of a beat, while Migos defintely sounds grounded in a more modern trap sound with their trademark, triplet flow, but it still might be enough to build a case on. Check out Migos’ version featuring Drake below and see for yourself.

M.O.S. wants unpaid royalties for the track. DJ Folk, meanwhile, went on to coordinate production for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV and Tha Carter V and was instrumental in the rise of other southern rap fixtures like Big KRIT.