Miguel Previews A Soulful and Groovy New Single On Snoop Dogg’s Web Show

Since releasing his third album, Wildheart, in 2015, Miguel has been a busy guy, whether it’s covering Beyonce for Fifty Shades Darker, collaborating with Schoolboy Q, or teaming up with Win Butler to cover Drake. He’s been making new music of his own as well, and while guesting on a recent episode of Snoop Dogg’s web series GGN, he gave a taste of what he’s been working on.

At about twelve minutes into the video above, the two start talking about what Miguel’s been up to, and he says that he’s wrapping up one of his three projects that’s in progress and wants to play an upcoming single for Snoop. There’s no word on what the track is called yet, but Miguel and Snoop listened to about 90 seconds of it on air, and it’s a winner.

The obvious star of the track, which Miguel himself points out during the playback, is the funky and prominent bass line that drives the song forward. Aside from that, though, his always-great vocals and psychedelic soul instrumentation show that the Wildheart follow-up, and hopefully the other two projects Miguel has on the way, will be worth the wait. That wait may not take much longer, though, since Miguel said the single should be out “next month,” hopefully with an album following shortly after.

Watch the entire GGN episode above, in which the two try to meditate for 60 seconds before realizing they just don’t have the patience for it.

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