Wiz Khalifa, Chief Keef, And More Try To Reverse Some Curses With New Hip-Hop Releases This Week

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Friday the 13th may be best-known as a day of spooky goings-on and bad luck, but that hasn’t stopped several rappers from aiming to drop their latest projects this week. Barring any curses or Freaky Friday-esque occurrences, rap fans are likely to receive musical blessings from the likes of a revamped and reinvigorated Wiz Khalifa, a freshly motivated Chief Keef, and fresh offerings from DC rapper Yung Gleesh, among others, along with a rumored physical release of Drake’s summer smash, Scorpion.

Obviously, the headline release of the day will be Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers 2, which may seem like a strange project for Wiz to return to after the original received a lukewarm reception. However, if ever there was an artist who could redeem one of his least-beloved projects, its the relentlessly positive Wiz Khalifa, who doesn’t believe in taking L’s and knows a thing or two about reinvention, judging from his newly ripped physique.

Reinvention could be the theme of the releases scheduled for release on the 13th. Besides Chief Keef running back a project title from over three years ago, possibly in an effort to erase a somewhat checkered history, there will be further releases from a number of rapper whose public profile could use a coat of polish, from the constantly-beefing upstart Azealia Banks to former Odd Future member Left Brain, whose online presence has been practically nonexistent since the group’s dissolution a few years ago. Rounding out the week’s releases, former White Girl Gang member Lil Debbie will look to feed her fanbase with another of her surprisingly consistent releases.

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