Run The Jewels Show Terrible Trigger Discipline In Danger Mouse’s ‘Chase Me’ Video

Maybe we should expect it from rap’s favorite gleefully violent duo. After all, we are talking about some poodle-shooting dudes here. But, Run The Jewels are very casual about the way they hold their guns in the new video for Danger Mouse’s “Chase Me.” El-P’s ready to blast some folks and he doesn’t care if it’s on purpose.

The heist-themed video (side note: you could make an entire playlist out of ‘Run The Jewels Best Songs About Robbing People’) follows El-P, Killer Mike , Big Boi and Danger Mouse as they flee a bank robbery. The video is the second time we’ve seen Mike and Big Boi together this month, after Boi’s Boomiverse clip “Kill Jill.”

The driver of this ragtag crew is the improbably named Baby at the heart of the upcoming action movie Baby Driver. RTJ & Friends whipped around via the impressive skills of Ansel Elgort and the even more impressive skills of music video editors. Give it a watch up top. Elgort sticks to being edited into the video alongside two of the best producers working and doesn’t bring any of those creepy skills he flashed in his own music video for “Thief.” Though we have to say we’re noticing a theme in dude’s work.