Snoop Dogg Found A Glimmer Of Hope After Election Day Disappointment

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In the wake of last night’s surprising election results, members of America’s left-wing are finding silver linings where they can. Take Snoop Dogg, for example. The rap legend was more invested in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton than most, having performed at the Democratic National Convention earlier this year. He spent the night like tweeting out his regrets like so many other musicians.

Snoop came at his grief from several angles, from putting on some Marvin Gaye

…to focusing on the successes of the recent past…

…to asking Drake to help him move to Canada.

But The Doggfather found a reason for a bit of levity, one positive that came in his home state of California. And yes, it’s exactly what you think.

After the rapper posted several sorrowful memes, he found a reason for celebration. Snoop broke his string of sad posts and mournful reflections to point out that California legalized recreational marijuana for all people over the age of 21. He posted a screenshot of the outcome for that state’s Proposition 64 along with the caption “I’ll smoke 2that.”

Snoop has ever had a problem finding his favorite plant, but the new ease of access has to be a huge plus for him. This is going to make his cooking show with Martha Stewart that much better, and we’re so ready for it.

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