Swae Lee And Post Malone Share Their Swinging ‘Spider-Man’ Soundtrack Single, ‘Sunflower’

Apparently, Swae Lee and Post Malone are just as big in Miles Morales’ universe. In the video for their Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse single, “Sunflower,” footage from the upcoming superhero film finds the eponymous hero singing along while finishing up his homework before rushing out the door for more city-saving adventures.

“Sunflower” is a candy-coated, synthy pop song that makes use of both rappers’ crooning sensibilites, as Swae uses that trademark falsetto to sing an ode to a paramour, as the video depicts scenes from the comic book visual-inspired animated film coming this winter.

While past Spidey soundtracks have focused on rock, pop, and punk anthems to capture the youthful, idealistic feel of Peter Parker’s version of the character, with Spider-Verse set in an alternate universe with a whole new Spider-Man, it makes sense that the musical taste of our hero would switch up as well. Picking two of hip-hop’s biggest stars to soundtrack Miles’ adventures is not only a way to differentiate the new arachnid kid from the original, it also hopes to endear this radical take on the Spider-Man mythos to a new generation of fans, much like Miles himself when he debuted in Marvel’s Ultimate Comics spin-off in 2011.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse releases December 14.