Watch SZA’s Sultry Performance Of ‘The Weekend’ On ‘SNL’ Backed By A Full Choir

It has been a hell of a year for Solana Rowe, aka SZA, aka the first lady of Top Dawg Entertainment. Her stunning debut album CTRL has sparked the kind of career glow up that is rare to see, and she shouldered the resulting fame with immense grace, humility, and excitement.

She capped off a killer year with a pair of SNL performances tonight that further revealed why she landed at No. 2 on our best albums of 2017 list.

Tonight, in an episode hosted by James Franco, SZA performed one of the hit songs off her record, “The Weekend,” a sultry anthem to time-sharing a man that sparked a wave of conversation like no other among fans online.

For her performance tonight, she was backed by a full choir, plenty of woodwind players, and a life-size sculpture installment of her iconic CTRL cover.

SZA also took a turn fangirling out over the show’s host Franco, posting a photo of him “touching her arm” during rehearsals for the show on her Instagram account earlier tonight. Yes, most straight women in their early twenties have had a crush on Franco at one point or another, and SZA is no different, but it’s still cute to watch a celebrity be just as much a fan of someone else.

Stay tuned for her second performance of the evening, coming up shortly, and watch her performance of “The Weekend” above.