T.I. Insinuates The Patriots Cheated Their Way To Winning Super Bowl LI

Damn. It was all good three quarters ago, but as we now know, the Atlanta Falcons shitted the bed and allowed the New England Patriots to walk away Super Bowl LI champions. A number of Atlanta’s hip-hop elite, including T.I., was on the sidelines and prematurely celebrating what they thought was going to be a blowout win for the Falcons. I mean, at one point they were up 28-3 for goodness sakes. But now that the Falcons have lost, T.I.’s feeling a little salty and is putting an asterisk on the Patriot’s win.

“You gotta cotdamn lose the same way you win, man. Like a muthaf*ckin G, man. [Falcons] came in that muthaf*cka and they went up. And eventually, I guess the coaching of [Bill] Belichick or the strategy of Tom Brady ended up overcoming,” T.I. said on Instagram as he left the NRG Stadium in Houston. Obviously, Tip was referring to the Patriots cheating scandals, such as Deflategate and Spygate.

The rapper also admitted that he placed a hefty bet on his hometown team, but doesn’t regret a damn thing. “I gotta dig in a big bag and pull out a lot of sh*t for some other people. I sure hate to do it, but guess what? I’d do it again! Let [Falcons] get here next year, I’ll do it again!”