Valee And Lil Yachty Reunite On TM88 And Southside’s Sinister Beat For ‘Hmmm’

Valee and Lil Yachty are a double take-causing combination that actually makes perfect sense once you press play. They displayed plenty of chemistry on a previous collaboration, Chasethemoney’s spastic “Wombo,” and now, they cultivate that same chemistry and take it in a new direction on a glitchy beat from trap mainstays Southside and TM88 for “Hmmm.” The production is slower and more sinister than “Wombo,” allowing both rappers’ drowsy flows to pop even more as they trade brags and bars that might just provide listeners with some spicy new status updates and photo captions.

“My window seat Eryka Badu,” snaps Valee on the chorus. Meanwhile, Yachty finds creative ways to keep his flexes fresh, switching the paint on his old whips to make them look brand new: “My oldest car still ain’t hit fifth grade / It’s still kinda new, change the paint shade.” The pair actually bring out the best in each other, as does the beat, which pairs Southside banging 808s with TM88’s gift for unconventional loops.

Meanwhile, both Lil Yachty and Valee showed off their chemistry with other rappers recently as well. Yachty reunited with “iSpy” collaborator Kyle for the infectious “Hey Julie,” while Valee got even more disaffected with Matt Ox on “Awesome.”