Valee’s ‘Juice & Gin’ Video Is A Green-Hued Commercial For His Fantasy Concoction

Valee has to be having the time of his life. Since being signed to GOOD Music along with Sheck Wes last year, the Chicago rhymer has seen tracks like “Miami” reach a new plateau of fans. He’s likely hard at work on his debut album – but any downtime he has in between recording sessions and preparing for his spot on the Daytona tour has to be a party. That’s exactly the vibe he showed off in the video for his “Juice & Gin” track, with hoards of people having a good time around him in tints of green, aqua, and red. The title is influenced by Snoop Dogg’s iconic “Gin & Juice,” the video for which showcased a house party as well. This one didn’t quite go til’ 6 in the morning, and Valee’s parents didn’t walk in on him, though.

Valee also one-upped Snoop by not referencing Seagrams gin and presenting his own fluorescent, lime green drink throughout the video. The drink was labeled “Valee’s Juice & Gin,” which thankfully isn’t a real drink because it looks like it has radioactive elements. Hopefully, in the universe of the “Juice & Gin” video, the concoction gives one the kind of vibe that Valee radiated in the video as he lazily – but precisely – dished bars over a minimalist production.