Vince Staples Takes A Trip Through Google Street View In His Clever ‘Fun!’ Video

Just as quickly as it was announced, Vince Staples’ new album FM! is here. Before that, Staples was clearly feeling pretty amped, based on his Twitter feed: “We got FM! dropping in bout 30 of them thangs I’m excited and I never get excited,” he wrote. It also seemed like he was getting antsy waiting for the record to drop at midnight, as he also wrote, “Oh and we got this video with Calmatic too I might drop them same time cause Lil Halftime on #Park.”

Sure enough, a few minutes before FM! was officially out, Staples shared the video for “Fun!.” Created by Staples and Calmatic, the clip takes a trip through a Long Beach neighborhood through the lens of Google Street View, and the video shows fights, bikes getting stolen, dancing, and people getting arrested. There’s also a meta twist at the end that I won’t spoil here, although it’s worth noting that the video doesn’t play the entire song, cutting off before E-40’s guest spot.

The entire FM! album only clocks in at around 22 minutes, but there’s good news for fans who are disappointed by the relative lack of length: The wait for more Staples might not be that long. While tweeting about the album last night, Staples wrote, “Thank you and enjoy. We got more coming soon…”

Watch the video for “Fun!” above.

FM! is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.