Vince Staples Will Quickly Follow-Up ‘FM!’ With Two New Albums In 2019

Philip Cosores for Uproxx

Just a few days ago, Vince Staples announced that he had a new album called FM! coming out, and on Friday, he released it. Now it appears that he’s in the midst of a pretty productive stretch, and that there will be a bit more warning before his next record, as he recently said that he’s getting ready to release two new albums in 2019.

Staples was at ComplexCon this weekend, and during a panel discussion, he said that he’s actually sitting on four albums’ worth of material. Fans won’t have to wait long to hear some of it either: Staples disclosed that the follow-up to FM! is expected to drop in January, and that his next album after that is set to come out in June. This lines up with what he tweeted around the time FM! was hitting streaming platform on Friday, when he wrote, “Thank you and enjoy. We got more coming soon…”

It’s not surprising that Staples has something planned for 2019: since his debut Def Jam EP Hell Can Wait in 2014, he’s released a project a year, whether it’s an album, EP, or mixtape. This would be the first time Staples drops multiple albums in a year, though, marking a supremely busy period for one of today’s most exciting rap talents.

FM! is out now via Def Jam. Get it here.