21 Savage Performed ‘Bank Account’ And Launched A Financial Literacy Campaign On ‘Ellen’

Financial literacy should be mere academics in the rap game, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Millions pour into the bank accounts of rappers every year, but it seems like so many still end up falling on hard times. That happens not just because of materialism, but an ignorance of how to properly invest and “flip” the financial windfalls that are bountiful in the rap game. It’s not just about musicians, however. That circumstance is a reflection of society as a whole. Issa shame. That’s why 21 Savage, who recently announced a tour with Post Malone, has decided to go on a campaign teaching financial literacy and announce his 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign.

The charity aims “to help kids learn how to save money and make money, and open bank accounts for kids,” 21 Savage said on Ellen. Yes, Ellen. The burgeoning trap rapper is reaching the household name plateau of his rap career and decided to use his platform not just to perform his “Bank Account” smash, but to explain the details of his new charitable efforts. True to form, he dropped a $21,000 check into the Bank Account Campaign to kickstart the initiative. 21 Savage’s music and visual presentation may make his new efforts seems surprising, but he’s given several insightful interviews that display not only a connection with spirituality but an impressive intellect.