Christian Slater’s TV tour leads to FOX pilot

03.22.10 9 years ago 2 Comments
Christian Slater has signed on for his third pilot on three networks in three years.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Slater is now jumping to comedy and he’s also movie to FOX, taking one of the leads in the network’s untitled Adam Goldberg pilot.
The pilot focuses on twentysomething geniuses who crack security systems. Obviously too old to still be playing a twentysomething genius, Slater will play the leader of Titan Team, described as “an ex-military misanthrope with a checkered past.”
Also joining the pilot is Trevor Moore.
Slater starred in the NBC drama “My Own Worst Enemy” two years ago. That series aired for nine episodes. He then went to ABC, where he was a late recasting on “The Forgotten,” which finished its truncated run at 15 episodes.
In theory, the FOX comedy is in second position to “The Forgotten” on Slater’s dance card, since ABC could still renew the procedural. By the same token, the Los Angeles Clippers *could* still win the NBA championship this year.

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