The Morning Read: Mark Wahlberg confirms he’ll be hunting treasure in ‘Uncharted’ for David O. Russell

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

I am heartily looking forward to whatever David O. Russell’s “Uncharted” is going to be, because I’ll tell you what it absolutely won’t be:  any video game movie we’ve seen so far.  I’ve enjoyed both of the “Uncharted” games, and I think they’re ambitious in the way they use story animations to move from challenge to challenge, and they both feature strong performances and fun adventure and action set pieces.  I don’t think they are such brilliant narrative accomplishments that I’m going to get worked up about anything that Russell wants to change as he writes the script and directs the film.  All I care about is the movie itself, and I’m guessing Russell isn’t going to get hung up on trying to translate the game directly, and is instead focused on making a movie.

Now it looks like we know for sure that Mark Wahlberg, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro are part of that plan.  Wahlberg just gave an interview where he makes it sound like his own participation is a done deal.  When I was at the “Fighter” premiere for the AFI, I was in the row where Joe Pesci and his guests were sitting, and I wasn’t sure what direct connection Pesci had to Russell or Wahlberg.  Looks like this is going to be an R-rated adventure movie, because if it’s not, I’m not sure why you would want to cast those two guys as the uncles of Nathan Drake.

Last night, I had a double-feature of screenings.  First up was “The King’s Speech,” and I’ll have a review of that later this morning for you.  Then it was “Another Year,” the latest from Mike Leigh.  And in front of both of them, there was the same logo for the UK Fllm Council with funds from the National Lottery.  Because of those funds, they have to make public the information about the films that they’re giving those funds to, which leads to the disclosure of information about those films and a bit of exciting news if you’re a fan of “Son Of Rambow,” the great coming-of-age film for the video generation.  Hammer and Tongs, aka Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith, are making something called “Dud”  I have no idea what it is, but if they’re involved, I’m interested.  The Playlist has a good rundown of what else showed up in the list that Screen Daily published.

I remember being dazzled every time a new episode of “Aeon Flux” showed up on “Liquid Television,” and making note of Peter Chung’s name.  Now he’s the filmmaker behind Cartoon Network’s first CGI animated film, “Firebreather,” and whatever I would have expected from a CGI film by Chung, it’s not this.  I’m not sure what I think of it, frankly.  There’s a certain type of budget CGI for TV that just looks unfinished to me, and these quick glimpses of “Firebreather” leave me highly unconvinced.

I didn’t realize Michael Moorcock was writing “Dr. Who” novels.  That’s pretty cool.  I am a big fan of the fifth season of the show, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan starring.  Great fun, and someone like Moorcock working with the characters sounds like fun to me, even if they did shut him down on a few things.

An interesting observation about “The Shining” and a key difference between the Kubrick film and the novel.  It would explain why fans of one have such a hard time with the other so frequently.

I admit I am fascinated by Kanye right now.  I just got the album, and it was one experience to play it in my shitty Saturn’s shitty CD player with the built-in shitty speakers.  It was another thing altogether to play it in my office where I have a 5.1 set-up.  Reading about how it came together is fairly compelling, and the first thing I thought listening to it in the office was “Wow, this is an expensive album.”  I’m guessing that performance was intense, but I think it’s funny that the rant they printed is all about how words are twisted when you’re a media figure, and I think to some extent, Vulture’s read on that rant is harsh.

What a remarkable piece of writing about “Ed Wood.”  I have nothing to add.  And while we’re on the subject of Tim Burton, MTV just had a fairly dense chat with him that’s worth a look, and have you seen Tim Burton’s Exquisite Corspe Twitter experiment?

You’ve got to be a huge “Twin Peaks” fan to make it through all 40 pages of this gallery.

Speaking of which, God bless Devin Faraci for not shamelessly making me click through a million pages to read his one article.  Especially since it’s a good article.

There’s a Mighty Boosh documentary?  Oooooooh.  Want.

O R L Y ?

John Gholson is a big Green Lantern nerd so you don’t have to be.

Okay, so… I’m a David Foster Wallace fan… but, uh… wow…

I’m a fan of freedom for online information, but I find this very disturbing.  Be warned, this is a NSFW link, but it’s not about images.  It’s a piece about a site called Dickflash, and it’s the sort of thing that makes me lose just a wee little bit of my faith in humanity.

I put up a link in the last Morning Read to a piece about a young girl who was being bullied about being a “Star Wars” fan, and Jenna Busch actually contacted the girl’s family.  It’s another great read about geek gender perceptions and fandom in general.

Phenomenal detective work regarding the trailers for “Faster,” which I never bothered to watch, and the way the final film is missing a certain something.

These are the role models we are building for today’s kids.  The snake is eating its midsection at this point, the tail long since swallowed.

Andrew Niccol is at it again
,and iO9 pretty much just pantsed him and his new SF film “Now,” starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

I won’t lie… it’s always nice to see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together.

Judd Apatow’s been busy chatting with Daniel Rad… er, I mean Harry… well, you should just watch.

James Frey is starting to get more attention for his IP assembly line, and he’s not happy about it.

And finally, as I wrap up the last Morning Read until Monday, I wish I was going to be in New York for “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.”  I wish, I wish, I wish.

I’ll have a few reviews for you later today, including “The King’s Speech,” and an interview with Billy Bob Thornton as well.  Have a great holiday, and I’ll see you back here many times over the weekend.

The Morning Read appears here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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