Watch: Katy Perry’s video for ‘Teenage Dream’

08.10.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

If teenage pregnancies rates rise in the next year, expect some fingers to point at Katy Perry as she goes tells her boyfriend, “let”s go all the way tonight,” in the video for the second single  and title track from her Aug. 24 album, “Teenage Dream.”

The relatively tame video, which in many ways seems like a better fit for “California Gurlz,” features her and her friends frolicking as her boyfriend goes off and boxes…a lot… and makes out with Perry…a little.

Perry looks beautiful and dewy here and her boyfriend looks like he could be arrested for pursuing jail bait.  Perry even leaves the sexual imagery heavy lifting to another girl who gets to have fun with a popsicle (that”s clearly the thruline image of this project). It’s a pretty tepid clip although we’re happy, in some ways, that she doesn’t feel the need to up the ante with every single clip like someone else we know.

In other Perry news, another track from “Teenage Dream” premiered on iTunes today. “Circle The Drain” is a Kelly Clarkson-like rocker about a past, dysfunctional relationship. Additionally, Perry has paired with Deutsche Telecom to promote her next single in Germany, the uplifiting “Firework.”

What do you think of the video for “Teenage Dream?” Since it’s about how she feels about Russell Brand, do you wish he were in it?

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