Watch: Ne-Yo takes it to the streets for ‘One in a Million’ video

09.07.10 8 years ago

Now that”s what we”re talking about.  For all the strutting that Usher and Chris Brown have been doing in videos lately, we”ve missed having some flat out dancing (so far Janelle Monae”s clip for “Tightrope” has the best dance moves of the year).

Leave it to Ne-Yo to bring the dancy back (go ahead and groan, we are) in his new video for “One in a Million.”  The song is only so-so, but the dancing is smooooooth.

We don”t know why he”s pissed off his lady, but she”s mad and no amount of trickery (and we really mean trickery–he seems to have magical powers when it comes to making roses float, transporting himself and, oh yeah, stopping traffic) is making it right.

So he puts on a show. He and some of his male buddies put on a male revue in the middle of the street, which the ex is digging until–bad call, buddy– some of Ne-Yo”s skanky-looking dancers join the party and start rubbing against him. Uh, what part of “that is not part of a how you say you”re sorry” do you not understand, dude?

His lady friend storms off, but he teleports himself to her side where she screams, “What the hell is wrong with you?” and we fade to “To Be Continued.” Quite frankly, if she really does have to explain to him where he screwed up that last time, he”s not as bright as we think.

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