100 Gecs Have ‘Sympathy 4 The Grinch’ On Their New Ska-Influenced Christmas Song

Most Christmas songs are about the joy of the season, snow, spending time with family, and other jolly things of that sort. 100 Gecs, who are fresh off a collaboration with 3OH!3, have made a Christmas song, and of course, they didn’t do things the traditional way. Their new tune is called “Sympathy 4 The Grinch,” and like the famous green character, they too have a bone to pick with the holiday season.

Throughout the ska- and punk-influenced song, the duo tell a story about being scorned by Santa Claus. The song begins by setting the scene: “Wanted some speakers, Xbox, and t-shirts / I’ve been good like every single day / Looked under my tree, my box was empty / Santa made an enemy that day (what the f*ck?) / Done being jolly, time to be naughty / Think it’s time we settle up the score / Fill up the wishlist, let’s cause some mischief / Grab my keys, I’m headin’ out the door.”

From there, the story continues with 100 Gecs breaking into Santa’s house to steal his magic bag and make a getaway. It’s both exactly what one would expect from a 100 Gecs Christmas song and something that we couldn’t have seen coming.

Listen to “Sympathy 4 The Grinch” above.