Andy Shauf Lights Up ‘Kimmel’ With Renditions Of ‘Neon Skyline’ And ‘Try Again’

Canadian singer/songwriter Andy Shauf’s new album, The Neon Skyline, takes place during one night at a local dive bar. Shauf’s soft, blissful voice narrates each ballad on his 11-track concept record with sincere earnestness. To celebrate his record’s release, the singer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform his title track and the single “Try Again.”

Shauf took the late-night stage backed by a six-piece band. The singer delivers his “Try Again” lyrics over an understated acoustic guitar, filling the sound with the help of two clarinet players and a bright synth.

In an interview with Uproxx, Shauf talked about the inspiration behind making The Neon Skyline into a concept album:

“After I finished recording my last album, I wanted to make an album that was a tighter narrative, that wasn’t just connected by chance. I knew that I wanted to make an album about one person and follow them. I came up with the name, and then I started writing about the name. And then I wrote a song where he does this, and then that lead to the next one, and then I would write another one, and that one would contradict the other one so I’d have to get rid of that one. It was like putting a puzzle together where you’re making up the pieces as you go.”

Watch Andy Shauf perform “Try Again” and “Neon Skyline” on Jimmy Kimmel Live above.