Andy Shauf’s Lyric Video For ‘Spanish On The Beach’ Stars A Very Chill Rubber Ducky

As summer draws to a close, it’s nice to get a reminder that the weather is still technically warm and we could, if we wanted to, find an above-ground pool to laze around in for a few hours. Which brings me to a new offering from singer/songwriter Andy Shauf called “Spanish On The Beach,” which he’ll likely play on his upcoming tour.

Over strummed guitar and hazy clarinet, Shauf tells a story about a couple taking a vacation on an all-inclusive resort (how very White Lotus of him). During their stay, the song’s narrator proposes to Judy, which some listeners might remember as the character from the singer’s last album, 2020’s The Neon Skyline.

“It’s the same theme as the story ended up being at the Skyline but the narrator’s life is a little bit booze-fueled,” Shauf says in a statement about the song. “And this vacation is kind of like the first stop on the way to destruction.”

Meanwhile, the track’s lyric video is simple but oddly ASMR-like, which is to say, it features a lone, sunglasses-wearing rubber ducky bobbing along in an above-ground pool, which is what we should all be doing.

Check out “Spanish On The Beach” above.