Bandcamp Announces A Fundraiser To Support Artists During The Coronavirus Crisis

Bandcamp, the online music hub where artists can independently sell music and merchandise and promote their shows, has announced its plan to help support artists during the ongoing coronavirus crisis that has impacted ticket sales and even recording schedules. On Friday, March 20, Bandcamp will hold a 24-hour fundraiser during which its customary revenue share of sales from the site will be waived, allowing artists to keep 100 percent of all sales from midnight to midnight.

The site explains how it works in a blog post, along with some helpful suggestions on supporting artists — many of whom have limited or no other alternative income — during the remainder of the quarantine:

We recognize that plenty of music fans are also seeing their livelihoods disrupted by this virus, but if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to spare some funds (or find yourself in that position in the coming months), please consider sharing your good fortune by buying music and merchandise directly from artists on Bandcamp. This Friday, March 20th, Bandcamp’s share of sales will also go to the artists and labels you choose to support, and as always, it will reach them in 24-48 hours.

If you already have all the music and merchandise you want from your favorite artists, consider discovering new favorites via our editorial publication, Bandcamp Daily — our best-of’s are a great place to start. Bandcamp Discover is another solid way to find new favorites, and browse our inventory of over 800,000 unique physical items, including vinyl, cassettes, and more. You can also send your favorite music and merch to a friend (there’s a “send as gift” option below every item on an album page and in your collection), or give them a Bandcamp gift card and let them make their own selections.

Finally, most of the items on Bandcamp have an option to pay more than the asking price, and leave a note for the artist. A tip and words of support are always appreciated, but especially so now.

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