Boygenius Is Brainstorming Wild Tour Ideas And One Involves Phoebe Bridgers And Lucy Dacus Making Out

Boygenius — the supergroup of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus — make intimate, emotionally vulnerable songs, especially with their new singles, “$20,” “Emily I’m Sorry,” and “True Blue,” from their forthcoming debut album The Record. It’s a good sign that they’re already brainstorming ideas for the tour in their new Rolling Stone interview, and they’re predictably nothing short of chaotic.

After discussing The Record and normalizing talking sh*t about fans, the interview ends with a silly, affectionate moment between the trio as they explain that one of the ideas for the stage is for Bridgers and Dacus to make out, maybe Baker too with some convincing. Read the passage below.

“The band has been brainstorming ideas for the tour, one being that Dacus and Bridgers will possibly make out while Baker performs a guitar solo. Who knows, maybe all three of them will make out. At this, Baker shakes her head and folds her arms. ‘You don’t want to make out with us?’ Bridgers asks.

‘I’m old school, a one-man guy,’ Baker replies.

Dacus chimes in: ‘You’re considering!’

Baker unfolds her arms and breaks out into a smile. ‘Just kidding. I’ll make out with y’all.'”

The Record is out on 3/31 via Interscope. Pre-order it here.