Built To Spill Announce ‘When The Wind Forgets Your Name’ And Release The Lead Single ‘Gonna Lose’

Indie-rock legends Built To Spill are back. The band has just announced When The Wind Forgets Your Name, their debut full-length on Sub Pop, the label that founding member Doug Martsch has wanted to be signed on “since I was a teenager,” he says in the press release. The noisy lead single “Gonna Lose” is out today, propelled by reverb-drenched riffs and dreamy vocals. It retains their bittersweet sound; they balance playful, engaging instrumentation with dejected lyrical themes.

Martsch teamed up with Brazilian punk artist and producer Le Almeida and his collaborator João Casaes, who helped Martsch with recording bass and drum tracks for the album. They originally collaborated on Brazil shows in 2018, but their chemistry was so strong that the three of them continued working together. The pair About that experience, Martsch says, “We rehearsed at their studio in downtown Rio de Janeiro and I loved everything about it. They had old crappy gear. The walls were covered with xeroxed fliers. They smoked tons of weed.”

“Making When the Wind Forgets Your Name was such a great experience,” he continued. “I had an incredible time traveling and recording with Almeida and Casaes. I also learned so much about Brazilian culture and music while creating it. My Portuguese was terrible when I first met Almeida and Casaes, but by the end of the year it was even worse.”

Listen to “Gonna Lose” above. Check out the album art and tracklist below.

Built To Spill
Built To Spill

1. “Gonna Lose”
2. “Fool’s Gold”
3. “Understood”
4. “Elements”
5. “Rock Steady”
6. “Spiderweb”
7. “Never Alright”
8. “Alright”
9. “Comes A Day”

When The Wind Forgets Your Name arrives 9/9 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.