Christian Lee Hutson’s New Track ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ Was Produced By Phoebe Bridgers And Conor Oberst

Christian Lee Hutson‘s 2020 debut album Beginners introduced listeners to his softhearted songwriting and poignant lyricism. The last we heard from him, Hutson released the 2021 EP The Version Suicides, Vol 2 featuring the musician Shamir. But now, Hutson returns with a brand new standout track that was recorded with the help of some big-name musicians.

Hutson’s new song “Strawberry Lemonade” includes quite the indie music powerhouse. Not only was it produced by Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst (who also make up the side project Better Oblivion Community Center), but it features Bright Eyes’ Nate Walcott on piano and trumpet, Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy on electric guitar, and Oberst and Sharon Silva on backup vocals.

The song itself is a tender acoustic guitar ballad that’s a quite reflection on mistakes and rebirth. It features heart-tugging lyrics like, “Pain is a way you can move through time / And visit people that are gone in your mind,” and showcases Hutson’s intimate songwriting. Speaking about the new track in a statement, Hutson said:

“‘Strawberry Lemonade’ is a series of vignettes about memory, letting go and holding on. I remember talking to a friend, around the time that I wrote it, about the relentless repackaging of 1960’s culture; so some of that ended up in there. The laugh at the beginning of the song is my friend Harry who plays bass on the song.”

Even though Oberst and Bridgers joined together to work Hutson’s track, it doesn’t necessarily point to an official Better Oblivion Community Center reunion any time soon. The last we heard from the musical duo was about a year ago when they released the abortion rights song “Miracle Of Life,” but here’s been no word on more upcoming releases.

Listen to “Strawberry Lemonade” above.