Clairo Has Canceled Upcoming Meet-And-Greets So She Can Better Deal With Her Depression

The life of a touring musician isn’t always easy, and as 2019 comes to an end, Clairo feels she needs to make changes to her schedule in order to wrap up the year on a positive note: She announced today that she has canceled her upcoming tour meet-and-greets so she can better deal with her depression.

Clairo wrote in a pair of tweets today, “I’m very sorry to announce that we’re going to cancel the rest of the m&g’s for the remainder of tour- it’s really hard for me to be up front about my depression on here but it’s gotten to a point where i really need to pay closer attention to my thoughts and feelings and try to finish this year on my feet. nonstop touring for about 2 years has a crazy effect on a person i guess loooool but thanks for understanding.”

This isn’t the first time in recent months that a Clairo function has been canceled for mental health reasons. She axed a Charlotte performance in August, tweeting, “hey all- i had to cancel my set in charlotte tonight for mental health reasons, been going through it recently and i wouldn’t want to put on a bad show because of it. if you were coming to the set i’m extremely sorry.”

This also isn’t the first time Clairo has discussed depression on Twitter. In October 2016, she tweeted, “hey hey world when am i gonna not have depression thank u byeeeeeeee.” She also wrote in Novmber 2017, “it’s important to listen to those around you who need help & are in a bad place.. your acts of kindness will not go unnoticed. too many young lives are gone. depression is real, be aware of it.”

Clairo has just a few more tour dates before the year is done, and then she’ll have over two months off the road before joining Tame Impala on tour.

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