Lady Gaga Fans Are Mad At Coldplay For Similarities Between Their New Release Material And ‘Chromatica’

Although they haven’t officially announced it yet, it’s clear that Coldplay is in the midst of rolling out a new album. They have a fresh single, “Higher Power,” coming this week, and it appears they’re engaging in some world-building as well. They’ve teased something called “Alien Radio,” which included its own written language. Now it looks like a fictional planet named Kaotica is involved as well, which quickly drew backlash from Lady Gaga fans who feel Coldplay’s whole new era feels too similar to Gaga’s Chromatica campaign.

Coldplay have mentioned Kaotica on social media, noting that a CD single edition of “Higher Power” includes a decoder of the aforementioned fictional language and it arrives “courtesy of our friends on Kaotica.” The CD also features an image of the Kaotica planet and Gaga fans aren’t pleased with how much the pink sphere looks like Chromatica.

Fans were quick to accuse Coldplay of copying Gaga:

As at least one Coldplay fan has noted, though, the band has actually used space-themed imagery in promotional material for years.

Check out some more reactions below, including fans imagining what it would be like if the two fictional planets went to war.

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