Courtney Love Pushed Back On The Met Gala’s ‘Disrespect’ And Only Liked A Few People’s Outfits There

Earlier this week, the annual Met Gala was hosted in NYC, with this year’s theme being Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty. As celebrities flocked to the museum in their high-fashion outfits, it seems some who weren’t in attendance had some thoughts about the event’s execution.

Courtney Love, who had been friends with the controversial late designer, took to Twitter, where she shared a photo of them together. The caption also mimicked what they’d be saying… if he was alive.

“KARL: ‘Courtney, WTF was that Met ball?’ Me: ‘Total disrespect for your legacy. Oh and BORING,'” she tweeted. “KARL: ‘Ffft. I’ll be waiting on the other side with my cat & THE AXE! Anna. The axe !'”

“these dudes do not abide,” she added, with a new photo in a separate post, complete with a clown emoji. Love also linked out to a YouTube video someone made about how the 2023 Met Gala was “unbelievably boring.”

However, there were some outfits Love liked. She gave Amanda Seyfried her flowers, noting that the actress was “1 of 6” who pulled off the theme. She also added that Lagerfeld would sue Vogue if he was alive and called Anna Wintour “irrelevant.”

Check out Love’s many thoughts about the 2023 Met Gala above.