Dave Grohl Fully Supports Phoebe Bridgers Smashing Her Guitar On ‘SNL’

For some reason, Phoebe Bridgers has been facing backlash after she smashed a guitar on Saturday Night Live this weekend. As she noted last night, she’s been “cancelled by incels.” A lot of people have her back, though, including Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters guested on the Howard Stern Show this morning and as Consequence Of Sound notes, Grohl said of Bridgers’ SNL guest spot, “I saw that performance — I actually talked to my mom about it. […] She goes, ‘What did you think about that girl Phoebe?’ I’m like, ‘She’s got a beautiful voice, she can really sing.’ My mother was like, ‘I loved it, I thought she was great!’ When you watch us jam and freak out and do our thing… I think that’s what they did.”

He went on to compare it to his days in Nirvana, saying, “It was every f*cking night. My drums had holes in them from Kurt [Cobain] f*cking chopping my drums. I’ve seen enough smashed guitars. It feels f*cking good to do it.”

Grohl also spoke about the re-emergence of guitar-based rock music, saying, “You have to understand that for the last 10 years, every interview I do I’m asked, ‘Is rock and roll dead? There’s no guitars anymore!’ So in the last year, there’s been this return to guitar rock music in popular music — like, Miley Cyrus is becoming Joan Jett… You’re starting to see, people are realizing rock and roll is cool.”