Dave Grohl Surprised A Superfan By Joining Their ‘Grohlathon’ Livestream For A Classic Cover

Everybody loves Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl, but a fan named Pat Finnerty may love the rocker more than just about anybody. Throughout the pandemic, Finnerty — a musician from Scranton, Pennsylvania — he hosted livestreams in which he challenged himself to learn all the parts of classics songs by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, and Peter Gabriel in under an hour. This past weekend, though, he got even more ambitious. His goal was to record Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing” and get Grohl to join him and sing Sting’s classic “I want my MTV” lyric.

He actually did it.

Nine hours into the livestream event on Saturday, Finnerty managed to replace his cardboard cutout of Grohl with the man himself. Actor Andrew Sikking joined the broadcast, and Grohl, who was at a dinner party with friends, emerged on screen and asked, “What the f*ck are you guys doing?” Finnerty then explained himself and the journey he took to get to this point. The two chatted for a few minutes, then Grohl fulfilled his destiny and sang the line. He also hopped behind a drum set and started to play the song with Finnerty before they got distracted and chatted for about 20 minutes.

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We got Grohl. Thanks Grohl.

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Finnerty spoke about the moment with Rolling Stone, saying, “Grohl was as cool as I knew he would be. I’ve always wanted to host a talk show and corona has kind of given me one. I want it to grow so that I could do cooler sh*t, because I have ridiculous ideas that I think will all work. […] The messages that I’ve been getting all day were, ‘It’s so inspiring what you did, because you set a goal and you achieved it.’ Like, I’m this f*cking nobody and I got to Grohl in nine hours because I believed in it.”

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