Dehd Are Crushing Hard On The Sweaty Harmonies Of ‘Empty In My Mind’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, nobody harmonizes like Dehd. The Chicago post-punk trio lay down vocal melodies that are downright infectious and sparkle with both edge and innocence. Jason Balla and Emily Kempf have got that certain something when it comes to laying down vocals and on the latest single, “Empty In My Mind,” they’ve got their sights set on somebody else, who has a different kind of “certain something.”

A song about the unpredictable wavelength of emotions that comes with feeling googly-eyed gaga for someone new, “Empty In My Mind” is a sweet love song. Balla’s catchy guitar riff is present throughout the entire hook-driven tune as they sing, “Give me all of your heart tonight, kiss me like we’re out of time. Empty in my mind, oh!” The band elaborated in a statement saying that the song captures, “the floating mindless space around a new crush… The sort of high that occurs, the spinning, the detachment and the feeling of ungroundedness. All of these things being either very fun or absolutely dreadful.”

Listen to “Empty In My Mind” above and check out Dehd’s upcoming tour schedule here.

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