The Groundbreaking Drive-In Music Festival Road Rave Is Launching In Florida

As the pandemic has taken a major hit the live music industry, artists and venues are brainstorming ways to safely bring back in-person concerts. After news of a Denmark drive-in concert broke, DJ Carnage decided to follow suit. The DJ’s Road Rave festival is confirmed in Florida, and it’s a completely drive-in concert experience.

DJ Carnage is trying to make summer music festivals a reality with Road Rave. Carnage’s claims that the festival is the “first” of its kind is challenged by Germany EDM festival BigCityBeats. But Road Rave is the first four-hour drive-in festival taking place in America.

So far, the festival’s lineup includes DJ Carnage himself along with other producers Riot Ten, Nitti Gritti, and more. Carnage previewed the festival in a revved-up teaser video on social media. “I can’t believe this is actually happening,” he wrote.

After an Arkansas socially distant concert was postponed because it went against the state’s guidelines, Road Rave’s organizers are making sure every safety precaution is being taken. Attendance is limited to a 500 car capacity and festivalgoers must remain inside their vehicle for the entire event unless they wear a mask to use the facilities. Dancing outside cars is prohibited and the festival will have security on-site to make sure attendees are adhering to the safety measures.

While Road Rave is paving the way for future festivals, it’s also benefitting charity. A portion of proceeds from Road Rave will be donated to the ​ANF COVID-19 Relief Fund, which aims to provide assistance to vulnerable communities in Nicaragua.

Road Rave kicks off at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando on 5/6 with tickets on sale now starting at $40. Get them here.