Father John Misty Might Be Teasing Something New With A Short And Mysterious Video

It’s been a relatively quiet past few years for Father John Misty. His most recent album is 2018 God’s Favorite Customer and he’s only popped up with new material on occasion since then, like when he dropped “To S.” And “To R.” in the summer of 2020. Now, though, it appears Misty may have something going on, even if it’s not entirely clear what it is.

This afternoon, he took to Instagram to share a mysterious 15-second video. The clip shows a nighttime cityscape and an object (or objects) in the distance in front of it, although it’s not easy to identify what’s going on. It looks like it could be a pair of people standing next to some sort of structure that’s a bit taller than they are, but again, it’s hard to say definitively. All the while, some reverb-heavy music plays.

The post doesn’t include a written caption and none of Misty’s social media platforms indicate anything about this video or anything the artist has coming up, and neither does his website. So, at the moment, all we have is this cryptic teaser. It’s also possible that this video exists in a vacuum and isn’t connected to anything else, but rather, is just its own mysterious thing.

Whatever the case may be, eager fans might want to keep an eye out for potential upcoming news from Misty.