Faye Webster And Mei Ehara Have A Slow Start In Their Lethargic ‘Overslept’ Video

Atlanta-based indie folk artist Faye Webster dropped her anticipated sophomore album I Know I’m Funny Haha this summer, which flexes her range of styles from languid steel guitar to sultry bedroom R&B. The singer recently kicked off her largely sold-out tour earlier this month. To celebrate, Webster shares a video to her only collaboration on the album, “Overslept.”

The wistful tune features vocals by Japanese artist Mei Ehara, who Webster said was a big source of inspiration for her on the album. Their joint video, which was filmed separately, sees both artists having a slow start to the day. They wake up around 1 pm and noodle around on the guitar before finally brushing their teeth and deciding to go back to bed.

Speaking about working with Ehara in a statement, Webster said she learned a lot from the singer:

“When I was writing I Know I’m Funny Haha I had a little trouble finishing this song. I felt it needed someone else to complete it. Mei Ehara was someone who I listened to literally every day last year. She taught me so much about songwriting and instrumentation, and I felt like if anyone were to be on the record, it had to be her. I wanted to do a video where Mei and I could inhabit the same world, even though we’ve never met in person.”

Watch Webster’s “Overslept” video above.

I Know I’m Funny Haha is out now via Secretly Canadian. Get it here.