Flume Taps Caroline Polachek For The Heavenly, Pillowy ‘Sirens’

The influence of both Future Classic and PC Music labels on electronic music and pop is undeniable. Now Flume and Caroline Polachek’s latest track, “Sirens,” co-written and produced by PC Music’s Danny L.Harle, represents the glorious union of the two. Polacheck indeed sounds like a siren, humming through Flume’s thumping progression that feels nothing short of heavenly; the type of music that’d be playing while you relax on a pillowy cloud.

“I was living by myself in London, and it was the darkest time in the pandemic,” Polachek said in a statement. “I was really going through it, feeling so small, unable to control anything in the world, and the lyric ‘sirens’ was in reference to constant ambulances I was hearing.” Polachek soon left London, but the lyric stayed with her when she moved to L.A. and bumped into Flume, who she already knew, but was now living down the street from.

Now the song will appear on Flume’s upcoming album, Palaces, out on May 20th. “We started playing weekly games of Magic The Gathering with A.G. Cook and a few friends,” Flume explains of his new neighborly activities. “We started doing a session, and Danny L Harle showed me a voice note from Caroline with some very early stages of vocals. I loved it and went back in on it during the pandemic.”

Listen to “Sirens” above and check out Flume’s newly announced tour dates below.

Palaces comes out on 05/20 via Future Classic/Transgressive. Pre-order it here.