Foo Fighters’ New Rarities Collection Includes Nirvana-Era Dave Grohl Solo Songs

Foo Fighters has been one of the most beloved rock bands of the past few decades, but some people might forget that it actually began as a Dave Grohl solo project: Grohl wrote and recorded the self-titled debut album almost entirely by himself. Now the band is revisiting that era with their latest rarities EP, 00959525.

The six-track effort is filled with relics from that might not be familiar to casual Foo Fighters fans. “Winnebago” first appeared on Pocketwatch, an album that was released on cassette tape in 1992 by Grohl, under the pseudonym Late!. That album was recorded after Grohl had joined Nirvana. “How I Miss You” and “Podunk,” meanwhile, began their lives as Grohl demos from around the same time. Both songs later appeared as B-sides on the single “I’ll Stick Around.” As for “Ozone,” that one is a cover of an Ace Frehley song, from his self-titled debut solo album that was released in 1978. Meanwhile, the two live performances, of “Floaty” and “Alone + Easy Target,” come from a BBC Evening Session recorded in November 1995.

The EP is very similar to the bonus disc included with the “Special Oz Tour Edition” of Foo Fighters: The pair of included live tracks are different, but the first four songs are identical, albeit not in the same order.

Meanwhile, the band also shared a teaser suggesting that the band has something on the horizon this year.

Listen to 00959525 above.