Girlpool Return With The Soaring New Track, ‘Faultline’

Girlpool has been taking some time to themselves. Until today, they hadn’t released any new music in 2021 and in fact, the last track that the Los Angeles-based duo released was the synth-y darkness of “Like I’m Winning It,” in March of 2020. Uproxx spoke to Harmony Tividad and Avery Tucker shortly after the release of 2019’s What Chaos Is Imaginary, which Tividad described as “…the summary of so many experiences we shared. Weird nuances in our life together are kind of the string, but it’s not really a public string, it’s like a private string. Our inner string is all these different feelings and moments and things in our lives that happened.”

With that, the duo has been hunkering down, letting their new music take shape, making sense of their lives again as they grow and it’s on full display in the new video for “Faultline.” “Every day it’s Friday night, I hold my body like a butcher knife,” Tividad begins as the pair try to grasp a sense of reality amid desire, death as a metaphor, and spirituality. “The Faultline represents everything you do as a means of escape that pushes you further into the very thing you’re escaping,” Tividad says in a statement. Produced by Overcoats and Yves Tumor producer Yves Rothman, the gentle harmony and the song’s melody soars, just as Tividad does with angel wings spread over LA in the Julian Klincewicz-directed video.

Watch the video for “Faultline” above.