Haim Got Robert Pattinson To Play An ‘Emotional Vampire’ For Their Spooky ‘Late Night’ Performance

Sometimes when artists perform on late-night shows, they’ll get a guest to join them. Those guests are usually other musicians, but for Haim’s appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, they got somebody who added to the performance in a different way: Robert Pattinson.

Following Meyers’ introduction, the band’s performance was prefaced by a short skit, which begins with a ringing phone. The call is from a contact named “Emotional Vampire,” which turns out to be Pattinson (who is of course famous for playing a vampire in Twilight). He leaves a late-night video message wondering if the person he’s calling is up, and from there, the band launches into their song, for which they look slightly zombified in their vintage wedding dresses.

The sisters also video chatted in for an interview with Meyers and they discussed how they got Pattinson on board: “The song that we’re doing is ‘3AM,’ and on record, it starts with a voicemail, someone calling at 3 a.m., and basically… it’s a booty call, right? So we needed someone to do this cameo who had game. Even when we were recording the album, we held auditions, so we thought this would be no different.” They said they tried to get Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch on board, but they didn’t hear back from either actor. Ultimately, Pattinson won the part.

Watch clips from the band’s appearance on Late Night above.