Illuminati Hotties Have An Energetic New Song, ‘Igyah Kah,’ In The First Episode Of ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’

Last month, Illuminati Hotties returned with the dreamy song “Truck.” “If mortality is a jolting, jagged highway exit, then heaven is a truck as it rumbles through the unknown,” Sarah Tudzin, who also co-produced the forthcoming Speedy Ortiz album Rabbit Rabbit, said. “‘Truck’ is a gentle affirmation that the dream can change at no deficit of dignity. For Tim.”

The beloved indie rock act is back, this time with “Igyah Kah” for the pilot of Ahsoka, the new Star Wars series on Disney+. Tudzin told Pitchfork how it came about: “Star Wars composer Deana Kiner has been a friend and collaborator for years, and when she reached out about grabbing some vocals for a TOP SECRET Star Wars project she composed the score for, I was game! I was of course excited to help, but when I knew the cue was all about going full-gremlin mode, I knew I could crush it for her! Honored to be a part of such a special universe.”

“Igyah Kah” is reminiscent of 2020’s unhinged Free I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For, emanating the anthemic punk atmosphere that energized that album. Hear it in a clip of the scene below, beginning around 1:20.