Empress Of Announces ‘I’m Your Empress Of’ With The Redemption-Seeking ‘Give Me Another Chance’

It hasn’t been much over a year since Empress Of released her latest album, Us, in late 2018, but she’s already got another one ready to go: Today, Empress Of announced that her third album is titled I’m Your Empress Of, and that it’s coming out on April 3.

Additionally, she also shared a new single, “Give Me Another Chance.” On the mesmerizing midtempo dance tune, Empress Of is clear about what she wants: redemption. She sings on the track, “I can be loving / I can forgive / I don’t wanna lose you / I know I’ll still live / Somebody told me / You’ve got another / I’m asking you baby / Choose me over her.”

Empress Of said of the album:

“After writing three albums, no process has been the same. […] This record wasn’t written in a remote location. It wasn’t written in a collaborative effort. It was written in my small studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles over two months in between touring the world. Music is magic. Something that possesses me, shows me things about myself that aren’t easy to see. It’s called I’m Your Empress Of because I’ve always felt that once a song is done, and the emotion is there and it’s not inside me anymore, it belongs to the world.”

Fans have been waiting for this announcement for over a month now. Towards the end of January, Empress Of tweeted, “I finished an album and shot the music video and album cover last week. Things gonna come out soon!! I think it’s the best album I’ve ever made. Crazy to me that I made it in between a lot of intense touring last year.” Then, last week, she divulged, “NEW EMPRESS OF MUSIC NEXT WEEK.”

Watch the “Give Me Another Chance” video above, and find the I’m Your Empress Of art and tracklist below.

Terrible Records

01. “I’m Your Empress Of”
02. “Bit Of Rain”
03. “Void”
04. “Love Is A Drug”
05. “U Give It Up”
06. “Should’ve”
07. “Give Me Another Chance”
08. “What’s The Point”
09. “Maybe This Time”
10. “Not The One”
11. “Hold Me Like Water”
12. “Awful”

I’m Your Empress Of is out 04/03 via Terrible Records. Pre-order it here.