Jack White Introduced A New Art & Design Hub Showcasing All His Work — And Unveiled Blue Hair

The multi-talented musician, label head, and guitar virtuoso Jack White, wants to emphasize that he’s so much more than just a musical artist. Today, White has launched Jack White Art & Design, a hub that showcases his work in other fields like textiles and sculpting. The “about” section of the site describes White as “equally as conversant in sculpture and upholstery as he is in music and songwriting,” which is definitely something I didn’t know!

Apparently, back in 1996 White opened his own upholstery store in Detroit after apprenticing under the master upholster Brian Muldoon. The store, Third Man Upholstery, was in place until 1998, and White ran the business while also using it as a place for working on sculpting and songwriting. Across different mediums like industrial design, interior design, furniture and upholstery, graphic design, instruments and hardware, sculpture, vinyl concepts, film directing, and photography, the site lets fans access everything that White is or has worked on, including plenty of photos that have never been publicly released before.

Check out the new site for a gallery of his work and read the “about” section for more info on the stories behind his multi-faceted creative approach. Oh, and please also notice what the internet is most excited about: Jack now has blue hair.