Jack White’s ‘Entering Heaven Alive’ Album Just Debuted At No. 1 On Six Different ‘Billboard’ Charts

Never underestimate the power of Jack White to sell records. Entering Heaven Alive, his second album of 2022, came out on July 22 and has officially claimed the No. 1 spot on six separate Billboard charts.

The Third Man Records boss knows a thing or two about selling vinyl, so it’s no surprise that one of the six Billboard charts that Entering Heaven Alive topped was the Vinyl Albums chart. As expected, White hit No. 1 on the Rock Albums, Alternative Albums, and the curiously joint-titled Rock & Alternative Albums Chart. Entering Heaven Alive also topped both the Tastemaker Albums and Americana/Folk Albums charts. For good measure, the album also debuted at No. 9 on the overall Billboard 200 chart. For context, his other album of 2022, Fear Of the Dawn got as far on the Billboard 200 as the No. 4 spot and also reached the top spot on Rock And Alternative Albums charts.

White is still in the thick of his Supply Chain Issues Tour, which picks back up on August 13 at the Armory in Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Prince’s hometown. Speaking of which, White recently had to dispel rumors that he was “re-editing” Prince’s long lost Camille album that Third Man records will be releasing. He explained in detail what the plans for the release are, saying, “I would never mess with Prince’s music.”

Entering Heaven Alive is out via Third Man Records.