Japanese Breakfast Cancels A New York Show At A Venue That Was Also Hosting A Right-Wing Propaganda Tour

Japanese Breakfast was scheduled to play a show at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York in September, but the band have taken a stand and cancelled it. Turns out, the venue was set to host a tour stop from the right-wing Reawaken America Tour, a tour that NYMag called “the start of QAnon 2.0,” and was set to feature appearances from highly questionable members of the Trump entourage like General Michael Flynn and supervillain Roger Stone.

In a series of tweets, Japanese Breakfast indicated that they were under the impression that the show was cancelled but “later learned it was secretly still moving forward.” Local leaders in Rochester had been calling for the event to be cancelled, telling RochesterFirst that the community was “concerned that this will lead to further bigotry within our country, violence, hate…”

Whether the Reawaken America “Thrive Time” show happens or not, Japanese Breakfast will no longer be appearing in Rochester. The band made that very clear in their Twitter statement:

“Re Rochester show at the Armory. We have cancelled the event because a number of people reached out letting us know they were boycotting the venue because of the Reawaken America tour. We were told the event was cancelled and later learned it was secretly still moving forward. It’s a picket line we support and are not interested in crossing. We are unfortunately unable to move the event to a different venue this time but we love Rochester and I am sure we will return someday soon.”

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