Jean Dawson Shared A Fan-Favorite Song, ‘GHOST*’ On All Platforms, And Teased More New Music

Following a fruitful 2022, with boasted a much-acclaimed album, CHAOS NOW*, Jean Dawson has dropped a fan-favorite song. On his “GHOST*,” Dawson expresses his desire to slow down and bask in the free time that he seems to no longer have, as fame has caught up with him.

“I wish all my days were a little bit longer / Wish my eyes were a little bit stronger / Live my life like I’m running from the police / Live my life like nobody,” he sings over a chilling beat.

The track was first released as an Apple Music exclusive, however, today it is available on all platforms.

“its an old song but you wanted it ‘everywhere’ so take care of it,” said Dawson in a tweet upon the song’s release. “a new song next month maybe.”

In an interview with Billboard, Dawson said he doesn’t really have any desire to be a star, however, he does want his music to be bigger than he is.

“The idea of what a star is, to me, is profoundly confused,” Dawson said. “It’s very hard for me even to be considered important. I’m important to myself. I’m not a fatalist in any kind of way. But I want to be as big as the world wants me to be. Because then I can open up institutions to help kids make music. Like a sick, state-of-the-art musical recreation center for kids — because I was a rec center kid. I want to have my famous friends come in once a month to talk to these kids for 20 minutes. That’s one of my life’s goals.”

Check out “GHOST*” above.