Jeff Rosenstock Is An Impassioned Local News Anchor In His ‘Scram!’ Video

Like most musicians who have released a record in recent months, Jeff Rosenstock was not planning on debuting his album No Dream during a global pandemic. But once he realized how quickly the world was adapting to the circumstances, he decided to surprise-release No Dream at the end of May. Now, the singer has followed-up the record with a video accompanying his track “Scram!”

The “Scram!” video is modeled after daytime television and poises Rosenstock as a fervent news anchor. The singer animatedly yells into the camera while lyrics flash across the screen like breaking news. Rosenstock tapped his other band members to appear in the video, posing as the stars of hilarious infomercials.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Rosenstock spoke about how his album’s meaning has shifted post-pandemic: “It was very surprising once I started showing this record to people who were like, ‘Holy sh*t this relates to all this stuff happening with the pandemic.’ It never dawned on me that would be the case. When we decided to put it out early, I kind of figured it might not even resonate with anybody at all. But, at the same time, the fact that it even relates at all can be a little frustrating, in a larger sense.”

Watch Rosenstock’s “Scram!” video above.

No Dream is out now via Polyvinyl. Get it here.