Julian Casablancas Shares His Take On The Will Smith Slap: ‘Just Retire’

The takes are still rolling in about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars, from Judd Apatow, Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, Tiffany Haddish… It’s now officially weird if you haven’t weighed in with your stance on the incident. We can now welcome Julian Casablancas to the club; the Strokes leader joined the discourse with a long-winded, rambly Instagram post.

He wrote:

“imm bummed no one stood up for Chris Rock in the moment and after, will smith shoulda tried to stand up to Eminem and Dr Dre same way…isn’t it Chris Rock job’s (!?) to make fun of people in the audience, very weird. congratulation to will smith for bringing a MILLION times more attention to his wifes embarrassing thing that no one woulda known about otherwise.

Will Smith has sucked (yet continued to be full of himself) since Independence Day…

of course actors and mega-celebrities defend their elk i guess…? (not all, i know – but still) i wish i was there to try and defend Chris Rock, idk maybe bad look cause i’m white or whatever but chris rock is kind of a slender dude and will smith trained for a boxing movie for a year so i feel that was just an act of bullying… – trying to redeem his Tupac jealousy issues (?) under the guise of being some fake hero who needs anger management… he might need mental treatment, idk, or just retire for the sake of overall movie quality.”


Poor grammar aside, it’s worth noting that Casablancas, like any kid that has attended The New School, is full of provocative opinions. Remember when he said that he doesn’t think rock is dead but he wouldn’t mind if blues rock went away? Yeah…