Julien Baker Covers A Holiday Classic For Spotify’s Christmas Collection

Christmas is a little over a month away, so the annual deluge of holiday music has begun. Today brought a handful of new offerings. Spotify launched its “Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection” playlist in 2018 and have added to it annually, and Julien Baker unveiled a new contribution today, as she covered “A Dreamer’s Holiday.”

The 1949 song was written by Mabel Wayne and Kim Gannon and was most famously performed by Perry Como and Buddy Clark, who both had successful versions of the track. Baker says of the song:

“I chose ‘Dreamers Holiday’ because I found it incredibly unique as far as holiday songs are concerned. It’s a very understated song — both lyrically and musically; while it’s technically about a ‘holiday,’ it doesn’t directly reference any specific holiday theme, it leaves the lyrics a bit more open-ended. It’s the same way with the music — the chord structure is complicated but surprisingly timeless to me even though the song itself is over 70 years old. It’s the kind of song whose arrangement can be re-imagined so many times, and I love the feeling of sonic potential a single like that gives me.”

Listen to Baker’s rendition of “A Dreamer’s Holiday” above and stream the whole “Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection” playlist below.