Marc Maron Is Becoming Increasingly Annoyed By Kevin Morby Questions, Which Morby Is Having Fun With

Folks who follow podcaster/comedian/actor Marc Maron on Instagram know that he often takes time to get on Instagram Live to chat with followers and answer questions. Maron is an enthusiastic music fan and his fans think he should learn more about Kevin Morby, whose latest album was his impressive 2020 effort Sundowner. However, over the past few days, Morby has actually become a bit of a thorn in Maron’s side.

Last weekend, somebody mentioned Morby during one of Maron’s broadcasts. Seemingly annoyed, Maron said, “I have no idea who Kevin Morby is, but somebody always throws his name out there. I asked somebody about Kevin Morby the other day.” Morby had fun with that, sharing that clip on Instagram and writing, “Have me on and I’ll tell you all there is to know [kissing emoji] @marcmaron.”

Yesterday, Morby posted a clip from a different Maron broadcast of him saying, “I don’t know who Kevin Morby is.” Morby captioned his post, “Marc Maron not knowing who I am being a part of his morning programming is really making my week. I’m a huge Maron/WTF fan ever since hearing the Fionna Apple interview in 2012 and have logged many hours since so hearing his voice keep saying he doesn’t know who I am is an honor. I don’t know who I am either Marc [lips emoji] (@marcmaron).”

None of this amusing interaction seems to be amusing Maron. In a broadcast since Morby’s posts, Maron said, “To the Morby situation… I get it. So Morby’s aware that I don’t know who he is and he thinks it’s funny that it’s become a thing on this dumb little show that we do here, that I don’t know who he is.” Morby shared that clip and wrote simply, “#themorbysituation.”

It’s not clear why Maron seems to be so against Morby, a popular indie-rock musician who seems like a chill guy and whose work over the past decade has been looked upon favorably by fans and critics. Whatever the case may be, at least Morby appears to be having fun with it.