An Adorable Chinchilla Has Quite The Adventure In Khruangbin’s New ‘Hold Me Up (Thank You)’ Video

Texas favorites Khruangbin are back today (April 5) with A LA SALA, another strong album of instrumental goodness. As a bonus, the band is also ready to fulfill your cuteness quota for the day with their new video for “Hold Me Up (Thank You).”

The visual stars a just delightful chinchilla, who does everything from an airport pickup to cleaning snow off a car to fishing to laundry. This is a confirmed very good chinchilla, and they do a fantastic job at so many things in this video. Actually, though, I’ve been misspeaking this whole time: A message (held by the creature, of course) at the end of the video notes, “No Khruangchillas were harmed in the making of this film.” So, it’s a Khruangchillas, not a chinchilla.

A press release previously noted of the band’s new album, “The building blocks then for A LA SALA‘s 12 songs were jigsaw pieces found in Khruangbin’s creative past, parts of the band not lost, but not yet tapped into. Having stockpiled ideas originally set down as off-the-cuff recordings (voice-memos made at sound-checks, on long voyages, as absentminded epiphanies), they began fitting those pieces together in the studio for A LA SALA.”

Watch the “Hold Me Up (Thank You)” video above.

A LA SALA is out now via Dead Oceans/Night Time Stories. Find more information here.