Kid Rock Says He Hates Oprah In A Drunken Onstage Rant

Apparently, Kid Rock doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, but he does want the world to know how much he hates Oprah. In a video from the singer’s Honky Tonk bar in Nashville surfaced by TMZ, the self-declared Midwestern “Cowboy” went on a drunken rant, calling himself “an honest guy” who doesn’t like, among others, Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Lee Gifford, or Joy Behar. Intriguingly, while the Detroit rocker reiterated his rancor for the former television host, he insisted, however, that he is not racist.

Observers in the video can be heard wondering whether Kid Rock — who recently caught a backlash for tweeting vulgar insults about another beloved American institution, Taylor Swift — is having a mental breakdown as he calls his hypothetical critics “weird” and insists “he’s not a bad guy.” He also says Oprah can do some pretty vulgar things before launching into a slurry karaoke rendition of “Proud Mary” before being helped off stage by security guards. It looks like he’s blackout drunk, so he may not even remember saying these things, but the internet clearly remembers everything.

Incidentally, Joy Behar invited Kid Rock on The View after a previous incident in which he called her a b*tch during an appearance on Fox News. Oprah, Behar, and Gifford aren’t the first celebrities he’s made it a point to provoke — the list is long and varied, actually — this latest incident makes his semi-disappearance from public life a little easier to understand.

Check out the video on TMZ.